Live Events

TBC: Check back here once the pandemic is over or get in touch.

Past Events

February 20 2021: La Passione per il Delitto, in conversation with Paola Pioppi (in Italian, with a translator). View it here.

October 7 2020: Cheltenham Literary Festival, in conversation with Stuart Turton and Cathy Rentzenbrink.

August 29 2020: Poisoned Pen Bookstore (appearing via Zoom), in conversation with Sophie Hannah.


January 2021: I was kindly invited onto the Blood Brothers Podcast, to talk about Eight Detectives and other writing-related things. (Apple | Spotify)

October 2020: I was kindly invited onto the Reading and Writing Podcast, to talk about writing. (Listen here)


CrimeReads: I wrote about The Joys of Mystery Fiction’s Most Enduring Tropes, an essay for the site CrimeReads. (Read here)